Community Engagement

Mongold is committed to being a good neighbor to its host communities.

Effective engagement with local communities is as important to the company as any other part of the business and vital to the success and sustainability of its business. The company has experienced local relationship officers who are dedicated to building positive relationships with the local communities. The company's mining activity creates a positive impact in the community by increasing economic activity, creating local jobs, developing much-needed infrastructure, and providing tax revenue that helps support local governments in delivering services. 

Community investments are focused on below areas:

  • Hiring and training of locals – More than 80% percent of the company employees are from Bayankhongor province. Employees earn competitive wages and are given a safe working environment, and enjoy a high quality of life. We are strongly committed to hiring locally, and improving the skills of the local population where we work.
  • Infrastructure development – As a responsible company, Mongold does its best to support its neighbors in Bayan-Ovoo soum. The company listens and responds to the concerns of local community and help to fund local infrastructure projects. The company wants to be a model for other foreign investors. Examples of activities include:
    • Donation to upgrade the streetlights in the province, which was used to install high-quality Philips brand lights
    • Bridge construction in Bayan-Ovoo soum
    • Renovation of the school and dormitory buildings in Bayan-Ovoo soum
    • Building of livestock shelters for local herders
  • Cooperation with local community Each year the company makes Cooperation Agreement with Bayankhongor province and supports projects and activities that create positive impacts in the community.
  • Collaboration with and support of local SMEs – The company supports the economy of Bayankhongor not just by providing jobs to locals, but also by creating opportunities, with the special focus on procurement of meat, milk and dairy products, for local suppliers and SMEs.
  • Herders livelihood support – The company provides financial as well as supports such as providing livestock fodder and building watering point for herders.
  • Local community health program – The company implements health program, which engages local people for medical check-up, for improving the health, wellbeing, and quality of life for the local community.

Local employees and safety training

Bridge construction and school and dormitory renovation

Medical check-up for local community

Children's day contribution and celebration